Legal translations

I have more than five years of experience providing specialized translations of legal and other official documents. I have worked with a variety of clients, including individuals, attorneys, and agency clients. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the projects that I have recently completed in 2023:

  1. GDPR-compliant privacy policies
  2. General terms and conditions for the use of software as well as professional and other services
  3. Software user license agreements
  4. Wills, trusts, and other documents related to probate proceedings
  5. Legal briefs and memoranda
  6. Transcripts of testimony and depositions, including by expert witnesses in such areas of expertise as bioscience and computer science
  7. Powers of attorney
  8. Applications for political asylum
  9. Employment contracts
  10. Company annual reports and balance sheets
  11. Lists of shareholders, extracts from company registers, and property deeds

I can provide translations that are localized to either 🇬🇧 UK or 🇺🇸 American spelling, usage, and formatting.

📞 Call me today at 1-520-302-4652 or ✉️ e-mail me at kenny at, and I will promptly provide you with a quote.