Translations for medicine, bioscience, and clinical trials

I have translated over 800,000 words of projects in medicine and bioscience. Over the last several years in particular I have worked intensively on clinical trials for a specialist agency in Germany as well as directly for a major contract research organization in the UK. I also regularly translate medical reports, CT, MRI, and EKG reports as well as patents for new medical technologies. I even helped this year with the marketing of the medical translation and localization services of a large medical translation agency in Germany by retranslating their website to be SEO-optimized.

Even as AI-powered and neural machine translation technologies continue to make advances, it is important to remain aware of their limitations, particularly when it comes to medical translation. Experienced human translators still offer significant value in helping you spot mistakes.

For example, consider the following abbreviation that I frequently encounter in clinical trial paperwork: UAW. It is often “unerwünschte Arzneimittelwirkung,” which is “adverse drug reaction” or “ADR” in English. But when the term is used by a pulmonologist in a medical report, it could also mean “untere Atemwege,” which are “lower airways”. I corrected this exact failure by machine translation to use the correct translation of the abbreviation when I was recently post-editing a medical report. Thus, a translator equipped with good medical dictionaries and other references and who is aware of the context might know something that artificial intelligence still struggles with.

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